"Go Home and get your  @#$^&* SHINEBOX"

  If you haven't seen Shinebox lately, then you haven't seen SHINEBOX!

  SHINEBOX is a high energy, in your face , blast from the past! A virtual Rock and Roll time Machine that will take you back to a better time, a time  when Hair Metal ruled the Sunset Strip.  From Def Leppard to Poison, Cinderella to Bon Jovi,  it is a Live,  Rock and Roll show you'll love remembering, and won't soon forget!


Rated **** 8 stars**** By Lex and Terry,

SHINEBOX performs with the attitude of Billy Batts, and demands the respect of Shoeshine Tommy!

Shinebox is:

Jason Crowden  - Vocals/ rhythm  guitar

Doug Beasley  - Drums

Vinnie Boyett  -Bass

Tracy Ponder - lead guitar







Upcoming Dates

June 1st Timm's Harley Davidson Bike Night

June 17th Shannon's

July 29th Shannon's

Aug. 13th Kendricks Family Day At Lake

Aug. 26th Shannon's

Sept. 9th Doug's Bday @ Shannon's

Oct. 21st Shannon's

Nov 4th Shannon's

Dec.  30th Shannon's

One of the Southeast's Premier Party Bands



SHINEBOX proudly endorses:

Grover Pro Percussion,Silver Fox Drumsticks

Soultone Cymbals,Martin Guitars

Evans D'Addario

Hurtz Phoyography