"Go Home and get your  @#$^&* SHINEBOX"

  If you haven't seen Shinebox lately, then you haven't seen SHINEBOX!

  SHINEBOX is a high energy, in your face , blast from the past! A virtual Rock and Roll time Machine that will take you back to a better time, a time  when Hair Metal ruled the Sunset Strip.  From Def Leppard to Poison, Cinderella to Bon Jovi,  it is a Live,  Rock and Roll show you'll love remembering, and won't soon forget!


Rated **** 8 stars**** By Lex and Terry,

SHINEBOX performs with the attitude of Billy Batts, and demands the respect of Shoeshine Tommy!

Shinebox is:

Jason Crowden  - Vocals/ rhythm  guitar

Doug Beasley  - Drums

Bud Boyett   -Bass

Tracy Ponder - lead guitar







SHINEBOX would like to welcome

Black Diamond String  as  a Partner

2017 Dates

Feb 25th  Shannon's

March 25th Shannon's

April 6th and 8th Tin Lizzy's

April 7th Hooter's  Masters week

April 29th Shnnon's

May 5th  Monterey's 



SHINEBOX proudly endorses:

Grover Pro Percussion,Silver Fox Drumsticks

Soultone Cymbals,Martin Guitars

Evans D'Addario

Hurtz Phoyography